Friday, May 15, 2009

Flying Death Unicorns From Space

I think the most hilarious thing that could ever happen to humanity would be the destruction of civilization by unicorns. From space. With rainbow death lasers that shoot out of their eyes. Not so cute now, are they? We would never see it coming. We're too busy being scared of the obvious, non-mythical animals like bears and tigers.

If anyone has a better camera and more photographic skill than I, please let me know. I'd really like to photo these in better quality because I think a lot of the detail gets lost with my point and shoot.


  1. These. Are. Amazing.

    I'm more sad than usual that I am not Max.

  2. These are sweet...How much?

    (This is Mizuki from the dorms)

  3. You've outdone yourself. I'm regretting not asking for them myself. Good work Evan.

  4. I am so excited, Evan.

    Thank you so much. You've made my life.

  5. Evan man, These are crazy! Nice work once again.

  6. Evan,
    Chris Kelly was in our studio today for a shoot and turned us on to your blog. Your designs are amazing. I would love to talk to you about working together. We could set up an editorial shoot focused on your shoes. Get in touch and let us know if that might be something you're interested in. We'd also like to feature your shoes on our blog. We have an average monthly visit rate of about 2000 visitors.
    let us know!