Friday, October 16, 2009

Help me win another shoe contest!

I won the last Paint Or Thread custom contest, now help me do it again! I submitted my Where the Wild Things Are shoes this time.

Email and tell them you like entry 'N' the best!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Art Kicks in Louisiana Gardener Magazine

One of the pictures that I sent to Louisiana Gardener is running in the most recent issue. Here's a scan of the page I'm on. I'm not sure about how large the readership of Louisiana Gardener is, but it's a great start to my entrepreneurial PR effort for ArtKicks. Today, Louisiana Gardener. Tomorrow, Time's products of the year.

1960s Batman

It wasn't dark, it wasn't brooding, but damn if it wasn't the best batman adaptation of all time. Three reasons: Adam West, visible sound effects, and the Cadillac Batmobile. To me it feels like every pair of shoes up until now has been a warm up to this pair--lots of lighting effects, dynamic typography, and quite an elaborate design with many different elements.