Saturday, October 10, 2009

1960s Batman

It wasn't dark, it wasn't brooding, but damn if it wasn't the best batman adaptation of all time. Three reasons: Adam West, visible sound effects, and the Cadillac Batmobile. To me it feels like every pair of shoes up until now has been a warm up to this pair--lots of lighting effects, dynamic typography, and quite an elaborate design with many different elements.


  1. LOVE The Penguin. These look fantastic.

  2. Very cool. I do custom shoes as well.

  3. Not trying to sound like an ass, but the Batmobile wasn't a Caddy. It was a 1956 Ford Futura Concept car. George Barris bought it from Ford for $1 and created one of the most memorable cars in TV history. OK Yes I'm a Batman geek and love these freakin' shoes. If I had a better job and less kids, I'd buy a pair.