Saturday, March 6, 2010

House with Cracked Walls by Paul Cézanne

Being asked to replicate a painting on a pair of shoes is a difficult task in any case. When the artist I'm asked to replicate is Paul Cézanne, the master of expressive landscape, I get a little panicky.

I think the final shoes came out well, however. There's a few inconsistencies between my replica and the original, but they're minor. I used over 50 colors, a personal record by far.


  1. your work is awesome. You provide good idea I always want about this art.The Blue Room" Jazz-themed Art Kicks design.I think the final shoes came out well, however

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  3. waoo its amazing....
    shoes are shown above with different painting on it
    i want to know that how you made these paintings i men with which colors???
    i have also 10 vans shoes i want also do like this
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