Sunday, April 19, 2009

Traveling, summer camp, Oregon, and community

My friend wanted his shoes to represent two parts of his life: his community of friends in Oregon and his planned travels this summer.

The left shoe (home) features a drum circle, something that he emphasized as being very representative of the communal spirit found in his student co-op. The right shoe (traveling) is the kind of scene that most of us associate with summer camp--roasting marshmallows over a fire underneath the night sky.

The heel of the right shoe features my own rendition of his 1996 Ford station wagon (broken door and all) on its way to the summer camp.

Both shoes feature a lot of green forest imagery for extra hippie imagery and Oregon-nostalgia.

He also requested that I sign them. I'm flattered that he thought my name worthy of adorning his shoes.

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  1. Amazing! Makes me wanna like that kind of shoes. But I don't. Amazing anyway. :)