Sunday, April 12, 2009

Twitter shoes

Just finished these up for a friend. She requested that her shoes be Twitter themed, with one shoe focusing on the Twitter Bird and the other emphasizing the "Fail Whale" (the image displayed when Twitter is over capacity).

Tried to replicate the Fail Whale as accurately as I could.

Nothing says awesome like the Fail Whale on a unicycle.


  1. Not to go internet crazy but OMG LOLZ I LOVE MY SHOES!!

  2. I like these twitter shoes and vans shoes, about vans I would like say that Vans began manufacturing footwear overseas in 1994, allowing for development of new shoe styles.

  3. This is awesome my new friend. Great pics... and some great ideas. :) I Like wears these Top two brands always vans foe some type of running and second one is DC Shoes as a casual wear..........